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KiloMarie holds a Bachelor's degree in Arts in Counseling. She received her Master's degree in Science in Criminal Justice with a specialization in prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation. She is currently a doctoral student working towards a degree in social work specializing in forensic criminology and advocacy.

Through her career, educationally and professionally as a Violence Prevention and Response Program Coordinator, advocate, and professional speaker, KiloMarie Granda has seen the damage caused in lives of many due to interpersonal violence. As a result of this and her own experience as a survivor of childhood abuse and rape, she realized that far too many individuals' voices, including her own, often remain unspoken.

For far too long, victim/survivors, bystanders, and our society has remained silent on the issues of personal power-based violence. The silence must be shattered. We must be willing to raise our own voices and declare that violence is not okay, not tolerable, and should never be encouraged.

KiloMarie has recently been honored by RAINN in their survivor spotlight", has interviewed for several national web- and radio broadcasts, and has been chosen as one of the Top 1,000 Agents of Hope.

Violence is occurring at epidemic proportions, and only when we use our voices against it, do we have a real opportunity to create a positive and lasting cultural change. Speak up—we are here, listening.

Michael P

Michael Prideaux - Assistant Director

A recent graduate of the University of Minnesota Morris (with degrees in philosophy and gender studies), Michael describes themselves as a “huge nerd” about issues of equity, diversity, and sexuality. Their passion for inclusion led them to work with Unspoken Voices as their Operations Coordinator.

Their work mostly involves assisting with the running of the day to day operations of the organization. Their main projects include: grant writing, inclusion and community engagement, and program development. When not volunteering or working their other nonprofit position, Michael enjoys reading Bitch magazine and spending time with friends and family.


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