One Day at a Time

Woman realizing that winter can be down on you. (Photo by author)

We're In This Together—We're Not Alone

by Janelle Johnson

In a world filled with closed hearts and frozen minds, you mustn't lose your warmth.

Because there will be days you feel helplessly numb and every tear you drop will hold a piece of you. So let them fall and scream as loud as you can because you can't save everyone, because you can't cure cancer, because you don't get to choose who lives or dies. Scream, because the entire world is falling apart and you've done all you can do.

Then . . . breathe. 

Breathe because you're still alive. Breathe, because someone needs you to. And I'll warn you that—you may lose more than you can find because this world is terribly unkind—so how can YOU make a difference today?

How can you help the hopeless when "the hopeless" is starting to include you?

We all lose hope. We all have broken hearts. We all get let down, betrayed, blindsided. We all struggle with something. We all feel weak sometimes. And when the darkness starts to consume all the light we have to decide whether to let go, or fight. Because the battles we face will be different, so will our pain.

And if you're as tired as I feel today, I just want to let you know that you are not alone.

As hard as I try to be strong and optimistic, I have hard days too. I don't want to sugarcoat it, because life is really f*cking painful for all of us at times. We are expected to live on with the trauma as if it's just a little scratch on an old car. We forget to acknowledge just how badass we really are.

Fight another day my friend! We are in this, together.