Additional Information for 2019 Events & Dreaming for Future Outreach


2018 Fragmentary Recap & Additional 2019 Pride Event Listings

by Ashlee Bednar & Chelsea Young, Unspoken Voices Contributors

In 2018, Unspoken Voices held two events entitled Fragmentary: A Mosaic Project.  One of these events was held at the University of Minnesota, Morris and the other at Slut Walk, Twin Cities.  We are now excited to be bringing the final mosaic piece to Pride, Twin Cities this June. Pride, Twin Cities holds a special place in the hearts of the Unspoken Voices volunteers. We first held a booth at Pride in 2015 where we hosted a photo campaign.  Two years later we performed a skit and had a survivor of sexual assault speak on one of the stages. This year we are proud to bring our latest project.

Fragmentary: A Mosaic Project came from the idea and wide-spread analogy that if you take a plate, break it, and apologize to it, it does not fix the plate.  It is still broken. This was used to show how if you break a person through power-based violence an apology can not fix the person. An Unspoken Voices volunteer and survivor of sexual assault wanted to take this analogy and use it to give power back to survivors.  At Slut Walk and the University we had people write what broke them on a plate. The writer then took the plate and smashed it themselves to give the power back to the writer. They were breaking what broke them.

Unspoken Voices then asked the participants to add the broken plate to a communal mosaic to show two powerful messages.  The first being you are not alone. There are others who have been broken as well, some have gone through similar things that you have gone through, and some have gone through different events. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them. You are not alone. The second message was that even though you have been broken, you can still become something beautiful.  No you will never return to the person you once were, but that does not make you less of a person. It does not make you less beautiful.

The experience of watching people participate in Fragmentary was something that could not be described.  To see the healing happening in front of you was something unreal, something beautiful. People of all different backgrounds with different stories came together to support one another, listen to each other's’ stories, and support one another through this difficult project.  We are so excited to share this event with everyone at Pride, Twin Cities and we hope to see you there.

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More about Pride:

The 2019 celebration of Twin Cities Pride is taking place on June 22-23 in Loring Park (1382 Willow St. Minneapolis, Mn, 55403). The event includes several events, such as the Ashley Rukes GLBT Pride Parade on June 23 from 11am-2pm (that will travel down 2nd Ave S. this year, which differs from previous years due to construction) and on that same day one could participate in the Rainbow Run 5K. Vendors and entertainment will be scattered around the park all day both Saturday and Sunday, a pride concert will be held on June 22 featuring TLC, and several local bars and clubs will be hosting pride events.

Events are not limited to the weekend! Sunday June 2nd marks the Pride Night with MN United FC, June 5th hold the Grand Marshal Reception and Art Show, Visit Pride Night with the St. Paul Saints on June 8 or Pride Night with the Minnesota Lynx on June 14. Get the entire family involver on June 16 with the Pride Family Fun Day at Como Park and then volunteer with Pull for Pride Minneapolis to help homeless LGBT+ youth. You could also attend the Beer Dabbler on June 21 to enjoy over 50 breweries, food trucks, and entertainment.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Pride month in Minneapolis, as these are just a few options. Local establishments are holding events all month to commemorate the great accomplishments of LGBTQ+ individuals.

All are welcome, queer and allied alike. Come to the festival with a good attitude and an open mind and you are sure to have a fantastically festive time!