A Letter of Appreciation to our Volunteers

Unspoken Voices Volunteer Thank You Graphic

Our volunteers lift voices and let them be heard

Ashlee Bednar - Volunteer Retention Coordinator and Board Member

Unspoken Voices would be nothing without our volunteers! People from all over the country donate their time, energy, and valued voice because they believe in our cause: raising awareness about and putting an end to power- based violence.  Some are victims/survivors. Some have close ones who have gone through trauma. While some others believe in a world without this violence. This drives their passion to keep donating the time they could use to do something else, something easier. It is not an easy subject we work with, but we all see the importance of doing the work we do.

Our volunteers do everything for us—from creating our social media and blog posts, to grant writing, to helping out at important events. They help us bus tables and do dishes during fundraising events, write scripts and perform at schools for our social justice troupe, spread the word about the work we do, and so much more.

What’s more, the volunteers also become an amazing support system for one another. They foster courage in each other to share their stories when ready and to not be ashamed of what has happened to them. Several of our blog posts are from victim/survivors from Unspoken Voices sharing their own stories. They become a support system, and at times a cheerleading team. I often hear about volunteers attending each other's play performances, senior seminars, and other life events for their peers. The connections and support I see the volunteers make are truly incredible.

Everyone at Unspoken Voices is a volunteer. Without them we would not exist. We are eternally grateful for all of the help and support they have provided us throughout the years!

To join the Unspoken Voices team email us at info@unspokenvoices.net