What I Want to Say to People Who Don’t Believe Dr. Kristine Blasey Ford

Dr. Kristine Blasey Ford Supreme Court Testimony

Dr. Kristine Blasey Ford Supreme Court Testimony

Yes, It Really Is a Litmus Test

by Aspen Lofgren, Unspoken Voices Contributor

If you do not believe Christine Blasey Ford, you are not an ally of survivors of sexual assault/rape. 

Let me be clear: if you are typically an ally of survivors, but do not believe Ford, you are in fact not an ally!

As an ally, you support victims- not on a pick and choose basis. Now don’t get me wrong, you are allowed to be skeptical, but once you start saying …

“Why did she wait so long?”
“This was so long ago, does it still matter?”
“This is a political move”

Get the heck off your survivor “ally” high horse! 

You are, in fact, not an ally of survivors.

Also, why is it now that certain political parties don’t want due process? This Kavanaugh hearing is literally a “he said, she said” hearing. If they wanted fair treatment, they would question everyone who was involved in this story, her therapist, her husband, anyone else Ford previously shared the story with, Mark Judge, and anyone that can speak for his character during this time in his life.  As I have been listening to the Kavanaugh hearing, it has been exhausting and I cannot imagine how Ford must feel.

As I am writing this, I just had a powerful moment with my father. He asked how Kavanaugh could have been a virgin at the time of the assault and do what he’s accused of.  I had to explain to an adult man, that you can sexually assault people and still be a virgin. I explained this by saying, “The person who sexually assaulted me could have been a virgin...and what they did is still wrong”. This was the first time I said this to my father.

Every social media post that has talked about my assault and any UV posts I have written about regarding my assault, I have blocked my entire family and the person who sexually assaulted me (yes, I am still friends with the person who sexually assaulted me) from being able to see it.  My father replied how he could not know this, that he was sorry, that he sort of knew, and if I ever wanted to talk, he is willing to listen.

I knew I had to speak up and share part of my story with him so he wasn’t with the group saying all these victim blaming questions/comments. I didn’t want someone I love to not believe a woman because some people think that the timing is suspicious, it’s been so long, or whatever.

In closing, to those who don’t believe in Ford—fuck you! To any sexual assault/rape survivors, I believe you and I believe in you.