Fragmentary, Post 3: A Compilation of Thoughts & Feelings

Broken Heart Healing (cco)

Brokenness is Everywhere, But So Is Healing

by Various Authors, Unspoken Voices

“Not Broken Forever . . . “
By Emily Dreher

What shattered me was realizing that I don’t get to have a normal life now.
I can’t untangle being in that house or city from what happened there.
I can’t just shrug it off anymore or lie to myself about how it wasn’t that bad.
I have to carry this burden forever.

But I don’t have to be broken forever.

“A Facade of Strength”
Paul McDonald

Depression broke me and my life shattered through a series of failures—professional, financial and personal.

I have put on a facade of strength and perseverance that has masked how I truly feel about life and myself.

I am not as strong as people think.

“Loved Ones Have Taught Me”
by Anonymous

I was shattered when I thought I was only allowed to shoulder my burdens alone,

That I couldnt trust anyone because they would judge me for the actions of others;

That they would judge me for being a victim.

Now I have loved ones who have taught me how to piece myself back together.

“The New Me is Rising”
by Anonymous

I am now a new person. I’m not the same person I was before the assaults. I’ve grown into something new. I am stronger, I am more vocal, I don’t let anyone walk all over me. I now know it was not my fault and I am not alone. I still have a lot of healing left but I can see the new me rising from the ashes.

“Conquering Shame”
by Anonymous

I found myself extremely anxious about dating and I couldn’t figure out why. It took me a little while to realize what the feeling was—shame. I had crippling shame from the diagnosis I had.

With the compassion and and patience of my care team and my partner, I conquered my shame and put those dark, crippling thoughts to bed.