Fuck Your "Due Process," Ms. DeVos

Betsy Devos NO!

An Open Letter to Someone Who Doesn't Understand What It's Like to Live in Fear

by SJW Aspen Lofgren

Ms. Devos, you argue that those accused of sexual assault are treated unjustly. You use the case of Matt Boermeester to support your decision to change its approach to sexual assault on college campuses. You have chosen this case carefully but it seems you didn’t look into the case carefully at all.

The reality is you chose this case because of the headline. “Kicker Matt Boermeester was removed from USC after an unfair investigation, girlfriend says”.

Zoe Katz, Boermeester’s girlfriend, is a perfect example of what sexual assault looks like within a relationship. Within the court documents, it’s very clear Katz was assaulted by Boermeester but also wishes to protect him.

Following the investigation with the Title IX Office, Kratz sent the text message to the Title IX Investigator, writing, "He can't know I made a statement. Can you not tell him I made a statement. Like he can't know I met with you guys".

When Boemeester’s coach spoke with Kratz and told her that he had reported the assault, Kratz said, "Yeah, you know, I am afraid of him; I am ashamed because I haven't left, but I am afraid if I do leave, it will be much worse."


In section D. of the court documents we read: "The Surveillance Video 1 Confirms the Witnesses' and Jane Roe's Initial Account of The Assault And Disproves Petitioner's Account and Jane Roe's Subsequent Denials."

We learn that video evidence supports the accusation that Boermeester made aggressive physical contact with Kratz that included pushing her and grabbing her by the neck. After reading the court documents, it is very clear what happened and what is happening—Kratz was assaulted by her boyfriend, was afraid of her boyfriend, then changed her mind to protect him and herself (ie., “I am afraid if I do leave, it will be much worse.”)

Going back to your claim of “unfair due process," the fact is that Boemeester broke USC’s student conduct and it was their duty to take disciplinary action.

Thank you for showing the world your true colors Ms. DeVos. It’s good to know that you are on the side of protecting all Brock Turners of the world.

If you sexually assault/rape/assault someone, I do not care if you lose your basketball scholarship, you got hate mail, were kicked out of school, or lost all your friends, because it’s most likely you were not charged with what you actually did (if at all) and if you were charged . . . you served a “6 month sentence."


Please read the court documents involving this case if you haven’t already: