The Horrific Truth About Domestic Sex Trafficking

Kidnapped Woman Stock Photography (Source)

The Monster in Our Own Backyard

by KiloMarie Granda, Unspoken Voices

We have a monster hiding in our own backyard. This monster, known as human sex trafficking, continues to grow larger and demand more victims, often as a result of our lack of education, awareness, and/or action.

Only with a greater understanding of current legislation and policies, can we, individually and as a society, create a positive cultural shift, changing our current social norms. To learn more, please view the video we have produced to inform the general public.

Unspoken Voices produced this video to illustrate the horrific nature of modern day slavery, particularly sex trafficking. Please, for the sake of the 300,000 children trafficked in America each year, take four minutes out of your day to watch this video.