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At Unspoken Voices, we really are a family of equal partners committed to speaking the truth in love. Our view is that we try to look at issues from many different angles, like viewing through different facets of a jewel. Our program encourages individuals to create the positive societal and cultural changes that we need. At no point do we point fingers or treat anyone as an offender or victim. We encourage everyone to help us achieve a common goal. Above all, we want to #SmashTheStigma and #ShatterTheSilence about sexual violence, granting a voice to the voiceless!

Feel free to watch below at your viewing leisure some of the productions we have put together, as well as examples of the outreach we accomplish in the greater community.


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Unspoken Voices is a non-profit organization that aims to empower victims of violence by sharing their voice and to encourage bystanders to intervene in a situation where they can make a difference. Unspoken Voices Performance Troupe provides a variety of mediums in which we are able to share stories, inspire others, and raise awareness.

#Fuckurexcuses - TRIGGER WARNING

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Unspoken Voices is pleased to release our DV awareness campaign: #Fckurexcuses. There is no excuse for violence. Please help us raise awareness by liking and sharing this video. Thank you! *trigger warning: This video displays reenactments of domestic violence scenarios.

LGBTQ Hate Crimes Don't Need to Happen!

Unspoken Voices created this video using quotes written by individuals at the 2015 Minneapolis Pride Festival. In light of the horrific tragedy in Orlando, we hope this video will be used to create awareness about LGBTQ Hate Crimes AND to honor all those that were affected by the Orlando Massacre.