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Areas of Training

Areas of Violence Prevention Program Focus

Areas of Diversity & Cultural Program Focus

  • LGBTQ Safe Zone Training
  • LGBTQ Intersectionality between Homosexuality and Religion
  • Cyclical Poverty in America
  • Other Trainings available based upon the needs of your community/organization

Areas of Mental Health Advocacy Program Focus

  • PTSD Awareness and Resource Training
  • Mental Health and Microagressions within our Society
  • Mental Health and the American Stigmatization
  • Body Image and Prevention
  • Other Trainings available based upon the needs of your community/organization

Other Areas of Training Available

  • Literacy, Poverty, and Crime; Where is the Correlation?
  • Literacy among Lower, Middle, and Upper Classes
  • The Importance of Literacy Intervention before 3rd Grade

New Programming

Stand UP, Step IN, Speak OUT

This bystander intervention project was conducted using qualitative and quantitative measures. Included in the demographic of individuals surveyed were multiple groups including—but not limited to—providers of services for survivors of sexual assault and violence, members of the the Latinx, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities throughout Minnesota. We have applied this project in people's existing connections within these communities to conduct authentic engagement and solicit honest feedback about bystander-intervention programs, as well as consultation with individuals that identify as part of a marginalized community. This research, combined with peer-reviewed bystander dynamics research has led to the creation of our bystander program.

Social Justice Arts Troupe

We present our bystander intervention program interactively.  What that means is that we have designed it to engage the student at a level that they are comfortable with. To this end, Unspoken Voices created the Social Justice Troupe. The Troupe is made up of artists and activists with the common goal of utilizing the emotionally persuasive power of art to spread information and create change. In addition to universities and schools, Unspoken Voices has also performed for the larger community. Various venues include outdoor festivals, such as the 2017 TC Pride Festival. Regardless of the venue, one key element is consistent; audience members are invited to see where they fit into each scenario. The social justice troupe has addressed issues of bullying, domestic violence and violence issues that involve the general public.

As our experienced troupe grows, we will continue to find new ways to bridge social justice and the arts through theater, dance, visual arts, film, and other media. Transformation is best achieved when people are open and willing to change, and the arts have the power to not only entertain, but also open up audiences to new ideas and information.

By bringing people together in a creative setting, the troupe hopes to reach people in a way that can begin discussion and spread this vital message to a wider audience in an effective and powerful way.


[A]s a visual learner it was easier to actually see these types of things taking place [in Unspoken Voices’ presentation] and it was easier to accept. Instead of it being awkward in a boring lecture, it really showed me how these things matter.
— Minor, Name Withheld
The Unspoken Voices Troupe came to our classroom and delivered an amazing performance and interactive experience!!! My students STILL talk about the important message and how much fun they had!!
— Nikki Bettcher Erickson – Teacher and Theater Artist
Kilo, I truly believe in what you have done and what you are doing — you are in every sense of the word a hero to me.
— Retired Senior Special Agent - Retired Chief, Behavioral Sciences Education & Training Division, United States Army Military Police School - Internationally Recognized Subject Matter Expert & Speaker
This program, especially this year, presents topics that students deal with on a daily basis. The humor infused into the skits helps approach these areas. Unspoken Voices is able to reach a lot of youth with this program.
— Teacher Mary Hanson – Willmar Middle School
Unspoken Voices provides a vital resource for survivors of sexual assault in Greater MN. KiloMarie, who is the Executive Director of UV, shows bravery and commitment in assisting folks who would not have any place to turn to for healing resources in Northern MN. I would love to see this organization grow larger so that they can help even more survivors find their own, personal, empowered voices.
— Esmé Rodríguez- School Equity Director, OutFront MN
KiloMarie and her team have shown that the best way to teach is through engaging, didactic presentations—an approach they achieve, hands down. As a trauma survivor herself, her passion for teaching indicates to me that she’s the real deal — trauma doesn’t have to win the day, and people can learn tactics to find resilience.
— Daniel D. Maurer, Award Winning Author of "Endure: The Power of Spiritual Assets for Resilience to Trauma & Stress"