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Unspoken Voices exists to give a voice to those who have lost the strength, will, or ability to speak out. This non-profit organization has been created to:

(I) give a voice to victim/survivors through empowerment, education, and advocacy, and;

(II) to give a voice to each of us, encouraging us to become active bystanders willing to effect positive change.

We, as individuals and community members, have the ability to say that violence is not okay. We will use our voices to intercede, support, educate through videos, skits & theater, and protect each other, our families, and our communities!

Unspoken Voices has various ways of engaging the bystander and advocating for the victim/survivor. We do this through educational training sessions, personal and community advocacy, creating and participating in various awareness events, and other measures.


For Further Reading

Unspoken Voices is pleased to release our DV awareness campaign: #Fckurexcuses. There is no excuse for violence. TRIGGER WARNING