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Unspoken Voices was chartered and incorporated through the State of Minnesota in June of 2014. The organization exists to give a voice to those that have lost the strength, will, or ability to speak out. Click here to learn more about our cause.


Stand Up, Step In, Speak Out

Stand UP, Step IN, Speak OUT—our main program—is a culturally inclusive bystander training program to provide the education needed for a greater understanding of what personal, power-based violence is and the various precursors that often preclude an act of violence.

The main program mitigates the incidences of violence and sexual assault through effective peer and cultural influence. Unspoken Voices provides tools for individuals that encourage and empower them to feel comfortable and competent in becoming active rather than passive bystanders. The intervention tools used in this program are research-based and relevant to how individuals can engage and intervene in aggressive peer scenarios.

We try to look at issues from both sidesOur program encourages individuals to create the positive societal and cultural changes that we need. At no point do we point fingers or treat anyone as an offender or victim. We encourage everyone achieve a common goal together by facilitating, educating, listening, and advocating for justice and reconciliation.

This program focuses on violence prevention, awareness, and education; we also know that many subjects intersect with our program focus such as mental health, diversity and cultural understanding, and childhood education.

unSPOKEN VOICES: From Victim to Survivor

Our second initiative will be released later this year with the assistance of The Change Network. We are creating an incredible graphic novel written by six different authors. Each author shares a part of their story, working together to craft an entire picture that any reader can relate to.  Stay tuned for this inspiring piece, unSPOKEN Voices: From Victim to Survivor.

Victim’s Right to Review Law

In addition to these initiatives, Unspoken Voices has created a legislative bill which we will be meeting with senators and other organizations about in June and July. It would be headed "The Victim's Right to Review " bill. This bill has been created for the purpose of requiring the State of Minnesota to pass a Victims’ Right to Review Law, in which victims of Criminal Sexual Conduct, pursuant to MN Statutes 609.342; 609.343; 609.344; 609.345; and in certain cases, in which repeat offenses have been made, 609;3451, would have a right to an impartial review of criminal sexual conduct case in which a county attorney made the decision not to prosecute the case or to terminate proceedings. Victims will be notified of their right to seek a review when a prosecutor decides not to charge or to terminate the criminal proceedings involving that person as a victim. If the victim chooses to request the review of an above-mentioned decision regarding a case, a different prosecutor or the State Attorney General’s Office will be assigned the case, allowing for a determination on the validity of the original decision. The accused in the case would then be informed of any decision to reinstate proceedings.


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Bringing Safety for People In Need, Awareness to the Community, and Tools to Advocate for Social Justice.