Areas of Training

Areas of Violence Prevention Program Focus Include:

  • Sexual Violence Awareness & Education
  • Domestic Human Trafficking Awareness and Current Legislation
  • Domestic Violence Awareness & Education
  • Partner Violence Awareness & Education
  • Child Abuse Awareness & Education
  • Stalking Awareness & Education
  • Bystander Awareness & Training
  • From Surviving to Thriving
  • Other Trainings available based upon the needs of your community/organization

Areas of Diversity & Cultural Program Focus Include:

  • LGBTQ Safe Zone Training
  • LGBTQ Intersectionality between Homosexuality and Religion
  • Cyclical Poverty in America
  • Other Trainings available based upon the needs of your community/organization

Areas of Mental Health Advocacy Program Focus Include:

  • PTSD Awareness and Resource Training
  • Mental Health and Microagressions within our Society
  • Mental Health and the American Stigmatization
  • Body Image and Prevention
  • Other Trainings available based upon the needs of your community/organization

Other Areas of Training Available:

  • Literacy, Poverty, and Crime; Where is the Correlation?
  • Literacy among Lower, Middle, and Upper Classes
  • The Importance of Literacy Intervention before 3rd Grade

New Programming

Unspoken Voices is creating a Culturally Sensitive, Research Based Bystander Intervention & Consent Training Program. This program will be informed by the cultural needs and sensitivities of the Latin@ population and the LGBTQ community.

This project will be conducted with multiple groups including, but not limited to: providers of services for survivors of sexual assault and violence, the Latin@ population of Morris MN and the surrounding rural area, as well as law enforcement. We will utilize existing connections to these communities to conduct authentic engagement and solicit honest feedback about bystander-intervention programs using a combination of public forums, one-on-one interviews, online and paper surveys, as well as consultation with several “champions” from these communities who will be defined through the course of the project.

Social Justice Arts Troupe

The Unspoken Voices Social Justice Arts Troupe is made up of artists and activists with the common goal of utilizing the emotionally persuasive power of art to spread information and create change. The troupe formed as part of the greater Unspoken Voices organization, and is working on multiple projects within the organization’s mission.

Presently, the troupe has created two Public Service Announcements, scheduled to be released in October and April of next year. Additionally, the troupe is scheduled to perform at several area schools and universities this upcoming fall and spring. Performances include one-act plays and dances, both of which have been created to provide education and empowerment to the audience and performers.

As the young troupe grows, it will continue to find new ways to bridge social justice and the arts through theatre, dance, visual arts, film, and any other mediums that the volunteers are able to work with. Change is best achieved when people are open and willing to change, and the arts have the power to not only entertain, but open up an audience to new ideas and information. By bringing people together in a creative setting, the troupe hopes to reach people in a way that can begin discussion and spread to a wider audience in an effective and powerful way.

Defense Empowerment Initiative

Unspoken Voices utilizes the experience of Strongheart Martial Arts Academy to teach self defense classes. They teach a variety of classes that can be tailored to specific participants, intended to empower people of all ages and ability levels by offering a basic understanding of the principles of self defense. By teaching basic strikes, releases, environmental mindfulness, and offering insight into the physiological response of the body in a high stress situation, Strongheart Martial Arts intends to guide students in creating a safety plan utilizing their personal strengths.

When people feel confident in their abilities, knowledgeable of safety strategies, and unsurprised by their body's reaction to fear, they are empowered to take action to keep themselves safe and to react quickly in dangerous situations. Strongheart martial arts offers certified self defense classes tailored to the needs of each individual student. Students of all ages and ability levels can learn skills to help them to feel aware, confident, and prepared for a crisis situation. Strongheart martial arts was founded by mental health professionals, and instructorsunderstand that classes can, at times, be triggering for survivors of trauma. For this reason, instructors strive to maintain a nonjudgmental, low stress, and non traumatic environment during all sessions. The aim of all self defense classes is to help people understand the basic principles of how each student can best understand and use their strengths to their advantage in a crisis situation.

All Strongheart Martial Arts Academy instructors are certified self defense instructors and are kukkiwon certified black belts in Taekwondo.

More Information on Educational and Training Programs:

We offer a variety of training and educational programs based upon the needs of your community or organization. If you do not see a topic on our website that you are interested in learning more about or covering in a training, please feel free to contact us. We would love to work with you on the subject of your choice. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to working with you!

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