About Us

Unspoken Voices was chartered and incorporated through the state of Minnesota in June of 2014 and uses a culturally inclusive bystander training program to provide the education needed for a greater understanding of what personal, power-based violence is and the various precursors that often preclude an act of violence.


Our program mitigates the incidences of violence and sexual assault through effective peer and cultural influence. Unspoken Voices provides tools for individuals that encourage and empower them to feel comfortable and competent in becoming active rather than passive bystanders. The intervention tools used in this program are research-based and relevant to how individuals can engage and intervene in aggressive peer scenarios.

We try to look at issues from both sides. Our program encourages individuals to create the positive societal and cultural changes that we need. At no point do we point fingers or treat anyone as an offender or victim. We encourage everyone to help us achieve a common goal.

Although the main program focus of Unspoken Voices centers on violence prevention, awareness, and education, we feel that many subjects intersect with our program focus. These include mental health, diversity and cultural understanding, and childhood education.

We Believe